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Join today to build a cost-free home service empire, repair quality, and develop your dream business. transform the way you do business by playing your own rules. Log your head office and three franchises to our dashboard without any investment. Start today to enjoy the fruits of tomorrow. Here you have the power to increase your business growth and control the lifecycle process.

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Thousands of customers come to find pros like you. Set up targeting preferences and needed features to help us match you with the right customers. Ineed allows you to get acquainted with each inquiry and provides detailed information about the service requested (description of the issue, appointment dates and times, location, etc.). Consequently, you have the freedom to decide whether to accept or reject any inquiry.

Control your leads

Get notified whenever you receive a lead. Set the targeting preferences suitable to your business profile and get leads in your area. customers looking for a local pro are matched with your profile and referred to you as free leads. Once a customer successfully reaches out to you, you pay a fixed price automatically for the lead. You only pay after accepting the inquiry.

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Simple steps to develop your business

1. Build your profile

Build an eye-catching solid profile by following the step-by-step instructions. Improve your profile sections, make it more attractive for customers, impress them, and get hired more often. Construct a competent profile, highlight your skills and experience, showcase your projects and prove that you’re the best match for the job.

2. Set your working preferences

Match your value to customer needs. Select categories, sub-categories, and services that better describe and match your job. Set time and area to travel to work, choose projects you’re interested in doing. Target your preferences and be flexible with your job types to meet more customers. Become the big boss of lead flow.

3. Manage your payment

Ineed provides you with leads but has no association with payment. You set your price per hour for each service and control your payment methods. Organize your operations - starting from quotation and invoicing to scheduling and choosing customers. Ineed has a simple and standard pricing system, it automatically deducts a fixed cost for a lead.

4. Track and control inquiry statuses

Inquiry statuses are divided into four main sections: pending, proceeding, completed, and declined. Get your inquiry history and track their statuses. Always be notified of your inquiries and be aware of what stage each request is at. Control each inquiry flow, if the inquiry doesn’t fit your profile you have the competence to decline it.

5. Be your own boss

Develop strong deep business roots on your own terms. Set and control your own schedule and create a flexible work-life balance, put your business in front of customers who need professionals with your expertise. Ineed takes your business to a new higher level and changes the rules for developing your business, meaning once signing up to our dashboard you start dictating the rules.